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Ethical behaviour of organizations defines the real compromise they have with society and ensures the provision of true net added-value to it.
Today’s customers, citizens of the world, every day more and more concerned with their environment and global society in which they live, are increasingly valuing the acquisition of products and services from companies that actually adhere to that compromise with society and bear it in mind when designing their competitive strategies.

Based on the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and its corporate independence, TCS, has prepared a Manual of Ethical Conduct which gathers the principles, techniques and methods that guide the organization to safeguard its activity without contradicting the moral values and ethical principles society demands.

Our processes and activities thus result on an adequate service to society in all respects. Beginning with the continuous offering of pleasant manners to our employees, associates, customers and suppliers, fair compensations for the services received/provided or contemplating the procurement of services and materials only from those suppliers and external collaborators that also show a real compromise with society.

“TCS has always in mind and strictly follows its Manual of Ethical Conduct to ensure the management of their processes in total harmony with the ethical and moral principles of the twenty-first century global society with which it is fully engaged"

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